Three Designers to Inspire

We started Artemisia Inc., about a year and half ago knowing quite well the timeless appeal of animal print throughout the history of interior design. You would be hard pressed to find any interior designer who has not enjoyed using animal print in their rooms at some point. What makes the patterns so appealing is their ability to transform a room while also acting as a neutral. Their golden brown hues compliment almost any color scheme and design of a room, and their natural patterns are richly dense and exciting to the eyes. But it's not just any old animal print that will elevate your room. That is why we have curated a group of fabrics that accomplish this goal with chic elegance: Artemisia Collection. As we know, not all animal prints are created equal!

Here we have selected three talented interior designers, Miles Redd, Alex Papachristidis, and Nick Olsen, who are using leopard and tiger print pillows masterfully in their designs. Their rooms are a testament to the fact that animal print can work in any decor, while adding playful, glamorous, timeless elegance. We hope these designers inspire you to elevate and transform any of your rooms with ease using animal print pillows. 

Miles Redd

Miles Redd is a fearless designer whose brillant style is defined by his use of vivid color and bold, modern gestures. His quirky and colorful rooms feel perfectly balanced between a modern perspective imbued with traditional elegance.  Inspired by artists John Singer Sargent and Richard Avedon, his rooms have both a painterly and filmic quality. What is the most interested about his designs is that despite their bold and modern perspective, they are comfortable and exude warmth and excitement. His overstuffed leopard and tiger velvet pillows add an inviting comfort to his upholstered furniture, full of energetic style. 


Alex Papachristidies

Alex Papacristidis's jewel-toned colors, theatrical draping, and exotic pattern combinations feel exciting and inspired. Chevron, ikat, paisley, and chintz patterns feel right at home with animal print. His thoughtful approach to design always leave us with new treasures to discover each time we revisit one of his rooms.  His sense of layering is truly his own; opulent, fun, and always executed with a careful, scrupulous eye for all the details. Inspired by Renzo Mongardino and Sister Parish he is a lover of interior design history and as such, made leopard and tiger velvet pillows a signature in many of his unique designs.


Nick Olsen

An unabashed maximalist, Nick Olsen loves mixing bold primary colors with glamorous neutrals like animal print. His rooms are always a lively tour of unexpected color combinations. His modern geometric fabrics and designs feel at home amongst many of the traditional elements in his rooms. He is a virtuoso at mixing high and low elements, often able to transform otherwise cast away items with a new coat of paint, trim, or slipcover. Pleated ruffles, trompe l'oeil wall painting, contemporary art, and rich passementerie look like they were always meant to be together in his hands. His smart and imaginative designs make us smile, so we're quite sure he's having a lot of fun designing them!





  • I just love your website and what drew me here was my love of animal print, used in decorating. Its just timeless and gorgeous. I’m just a insignificant little mum from a tiny place in Australia with a very boring little website. One day I will be buying two of your amazing cushions. Love Love Love everything about Artemesia. Thankyou

    Posted by Penny White on June 12, 2016

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